Best Stocks To Buy Under $10 Right Now In 2017!

Best Stocks To Buy Under $10 In 2017

In this post, I will be making a list of the best stocks to buy under 10 dollars. It is, however, important to note that you shouldn’t just buy a stock because of price alone. A common misconception is to think that just due to the fact that a stock is cheap means that it is undervalued in some way. The latter makes many people think they can make more money trading them, which is not necessarily true.

The list I’ve made provides you with the best stocks under $10 that are currently being overlooked by the market. Obviously, these stocks have their issues, but I believe that they won’t be under 10 dollars for much longer even with their imperfections. Before we get started, you may be interested in viewing some of the other “best stocks to buy in 2017” lists that I created. If so, check out the following:


Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD)

best stocks to buy under $10

AMD has struggled for years but as of late things took a turn for the best. Chip maker companies comprise some of the most successful stocks this year. For example, NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA), is up over 180% this year alone compared to last year. Basically, the semiconductor industry is starting to receive big “dividends” from technology advancements around the globe that require specialised chips from companies like AMD. Most notably, the use of these chips in self-driving cars, such as those of Tesla, has brought some serious attention to the field. Since technologies vitally need these chips, AMD stands to make huge profits as time goes on. I believe that the stock will slowly but surely creep back up to the $15 range. AMD really deserves to be part of the best stocks to buy under $10 list because of its likely future prosperity.

GoPro, Inc. (GPRO)

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GoPro has had some issues lately with their business in general and especially with rolling out new products like the “Karma” drone. Nevertheless, I think GPRO will find their place as this recent chaos slows down. Some say that there is little demand for their products, yet this is unlikely to be true as the brand has a strong and loyal following. Furthermore, they have pretty much monopolised the action camera niche becoming the go-to product for this genre. GPRO isn’t perfect but if they innovate well and don’t mess up like they have been, a prompt recovery will be due. However, the company must make technological advances to fight off threats such as smartphones and “Snapchat spectacles” from eating up their market. For now, it would be nice to see this stock climb back to the $13 area.

Chesapeake Energy Corporation (CHK)

best stocks under 10 2016

CHK has already escaped going under in the past and is in the process of doing the same now. This company is well established in the Oil & Gas industry. In fact, the stock has already been as high as $60. Whatever the case may be, the oil sector has slowly started to recover from its long slump. Furthermore, the Trump presidency brings new light to US Oil companies and may trigger a little golden age for these energy producers. With the stock being so cheap, now may be a good time to invest. It will be interesting to see if the stock will manage to get back to around $20 where it faces a strong resistance. Needless to say, CHK going over $10 seems very doable in the near future.

Conclusion of the best stocks to buy under $10 list:

These are truly the best stocks to buy under $10 that seriously have good potential. Fear not, I will be on the lookout to add stocks to the list, but please let met know of any other stocks that you believe deserve to be part of the best stocks under $10 list.