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Twitter Stock Prediction 2017: More Pain Lies Ahead For Shareholders

Twitter Stock Prediction 2017

I thought I should make an updated Twitter stock prediction for 2017. Sadly, my opinion has become much more bearish on the company and its stock. In truth, a couple months back, I was still hopeful that TWTR had a fighting chance to start a successful turnaround. But, too much time has passed since and it is becoming clearer that Twitter’s management is somewhat incapable.

At this point, I don’t think Twitter is a horrible company but it sure ain’t a good one. As for the stock itself, the situation is even worse because it is turning into a bag holder stock day by day. This can be seen by its inability to hold any gains and its slow decline towards the lower teens.

Now, I think TWTR will be able to escape the single-digit hell unlike VRX (read my bearish VRX post here). This avoids disaster, at least for time being. My short/intermediate term price prediction for the stock is in between $12 and $14.

Twitter stock prediction conclusion

The technicals of the stock show that one should probably not initiate a long position any time soon. Unless, of course, TWTR manages to breakout of its downtrend. Another drag on the stock is the never ending weakness it is experiencing. I should also mention that I still like the fundamentals (some of them) of the company. With that being said, I will keep this post short until there are changes in my point of view.