Workhorse Stock WKHS Is The Next Tesla (TSLA)!

Next Tesla Stock FOUND!!! (Workhorse Stock WKHS better than TSLA & NKLA)

Workhorse group is a small cap, U.S.A based, electric vehicle company that has been gaining a lot of traction with a recent +1000% price increase in its stock (WKHS). As such, it got me looking deeper into the company and I found a lot of massive potential, especially with its Horsefly drone and delivery system. A market that could indeed be huge in the future. This prompted me to make review video on on the Workhorse company as well as it’s that stock that I encourage to take a look at down below:

Workhorse group (WKHS) Video Review:

YouTube video

In this video, I cover recent stock price performance as well as my predicted future forecast for it. I also look into the different aspects of the business like its C1000 electric delievery vehicle truck that could service fortune 500 companies like UPS and FedEx. In fact, Workhorse is currently bidding for a $6 billion contract from UPS for electric vehicles. This is more than the entire market cap of WKHS currently sitting around 1.35B.

Workhorse (WKHS) competition from TSLA & NKLA

Now, you may be concerned about its competitors, which in some ways are much bigger than WKHS in every way. Let me explain why this is mostly not a problem. The key point to remember is that Workhorse is not focusing on consumer electric vehicle, except through it’s 10% stake in Lordstown motors.

Workhorse’s main focus in enterprise and commercial electric vehicles and drones combined with delivery systems like their proprietary Metron. This means that it won’t be taking TSLA and NKLA like electric car companies head on but rather tackling the untapped and under-looked commercial side of things, especially with their drones. This is one of the reasons why I think they will succeed.

Workhorse (WKHS) Market Cap valuation

Workhorse group is at a very reasonable market cap of around 1 billion even with its recent 1000% price increase, which is very rare nowadays. Here I will be comparing its valuation in regards to its competitors like TSLA and NKLA.

Workhorse stock (WKHS) market cap:

workhorse stock wkhs

Nikola stock (NKLA) market cap:

Tesla Stock (TSLA) market cap:

As you can see, there isn’t much to say. It is clear that Workhorse stock is undervalued and VERY cheap compare to both TSLA and NKLA. Many companies now IPO at ridiculous and excessive valuation prices but this was not the case with WKHS.

Conclusion & workhorse WKHS price prediction forecast

To conclude, Workhorse group is an All-American company, which is something that I really appreciate and doesn’t seem to be selling out like some others. The growing and bourgeoning industry of electric vehicles is huge right now and thats not even taking into considering the drone side of things. Combine this with cheap valuation of WKHS and you really get a hidden gem. I’ll leave you with a video of Mike Pence VP taking a ride in the Lordstown motors truck partially owned by workhorse (10% stake like I mentioned). What more do you need to be bullish, which is of course what I am on Workhorse stock needless to say.

Overall, I think Workhorse will reach a valuation of at least 5 billion in the next 5 years and 20 billion in the next 10. This would push the price well above $1000, making it a 10x potential stock.

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