Hey there, so you want to learn more about me? Cool, let’s get started!

I’m a christian trader that has accumulated several years of real life trading experience. Of course, it took me time to become profitable but with a lot of hard work it slowly but surely happened. Moreover, I believe that anyone who is willing to put forth the huge amounts of effort to become profitable will succeed.  I mostly trade stocks. My trading style is swing trading. I focus heavily on technical analysis. But, I do make a fundamental thesis on the companies I trade most of the time. Obviously, there is still so much more that I can learn. In fact, the reason for this website is to share my thoughts and opinions on various aspects, strategies and concepts surrounding the financial markets.

More specifically, my goal is to share my mistakes and experience in an effort to help others in the trading community. I would love to be able to shorten the learning curve for motivated traders and investors around the world. But, that’s not it, I also will strive to give insightful market analysis on a regular basis. I think this has somewhat disappeared as mainstream media has chosen quantity over quality. Unsurprisingly, that strategy doesn’t work in the markets at all. Hopefully, you can find some way to better your trading through the content on this site or at least get some enjoyment/entertainment

Anyways, The best way to keep up with me is through my Twitter. Although, you can easily get a hold of me through StockTwits. I try to keep both platforms updated as much as possible. With that being said, let’s work together to create a community that is passionate about trading and investing.

I wish you the best of luck in the markets.

Take it easy,