The Bitcoin symbol in the Barbie movie

BTC perception in the movie

The primary actress in the film Barbie, Margot Robbie, recently alluded to bitcoin in an interview. When she heard her husband Tom Ackerley and the television producer David Heyman discussing Bitcoin on the set, she claimed to be reminded of Ken’s character. In the Ryan Gosling-starring film, Ken is Barbie’s imagined co-star. She stated:

Gretta along with myself would say, “You’re being such Kens!” whenever David like Tom would bring up Bitcoin or another topic.

It is “hard to define” what defines a Ken, she continued, but she made it clear that possessing “Big Ken Energy” or “Ken-ergy” is beneficial.

A Bitcoin reference from a Barbie movie star could ‘Shift’ public perception.

Robbie’s mention of Bitcoin undoubtedly excited those in the crypto world. They now anticipate that the “Big Ken Energy” comparison made by the Barbie actress will further advance Bitcoin into “mainstream conversation.” Many have noted that this display demonstrates that even well-known individuals are “keen” on it. Seth Micheal Steele recently tweeted on how this might be a game-changer. This could trigger a change in public perception, leading to more people formulating their own ideas as opposed to being swayed by unfavorable gossip. The upcoming cycle may mark a turning point for BTC as it expands beyond the realm of the wealthy. Manager of $10 trillion in assets Recently, Blackstone executive Larry Fink embraced Bitcoin and referred to it as a global asset. Steele thought that since superstars are now hopping on board, “this trend will continue” and might even “pick up pace.”

Bitcoin in the mainstream

Many think that this is the “mainstream” introduction of Bitcoin, and it may end up being written in the crypto history books. Lea Thompson, popularly known as GirlGoneCrypto, has exposed the hypocrisy of some individuals in the crypto community. She emphasized that Bitcoiners take satisfaction in not having seen the movie up until last week. They have, however, changed after Robbie’s “Ken-ergy” remarks, becoming “bullish.” Layah Heilpern, on the other hand, saw the Barbie star’s remarks differently. She believed Robbie’s implication that Bitcoiners were “weak” was not an advantageous thing. The majority of people, though, were upbeat about Robbie’s allusion; some even quipped that the “B” in Barbie signifies Bitcoin.

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